jpeg2RAW Photography Podcast

#183 - Jordan Younce - Video Version

September 3, 2017

Jordan Younce

Jordan Younce is a graphic designer, photographer and the creator of the website  He has a passion for Real Estate and Architectural photography as well as Landscape photography.


Show Notes:

(paraphrased responses)

  • Intro Questions:

    • Tell us about your background

      • Started in photography with a camera that I wanted to have“blurry background”.  Started with a Sony A200.  
      • Moved to a camera with video a Canon T2i
    • Gear?
    • Software?
      • Lightroom for general edits
      • Photoshop for advanced editing (no HDR)
    • What types of photography do you enjoy the most?
      • Real Estate


  • Interview

    • How did you get into real estate photography?

      • Started in landscape...most accessible
      • Saw Mike Kelly a Real Estate photography and realized this is what I enjoy...not really into portraits
      • 9-5 job is a graphic designer which allowed me to get practice...helped build up my portfolio
      • Looking to go full time into the Real Estate photography
    • What do you prefer...Landscape or Real Estate photography?
      • Pretty much the same...usually shoot with others for Landscape photography and gives a chance to bond.  The Real Estate is usually more fun...looking to make art out of the client's living room.
    • Would you do real estate photography full time if you could?
      • Yes...looking to go full time in the future
    • HDR - Utilized Software
      • Not used
    • Drone?  Any chance to incorporate in the future?
      • Most definitely, waiting for the company to build up the funds to purchase.  First purchase will be a new computer.
    • Tell me about your MiMic videos
      • Video series that is ongoing.  Finding really cool images online and review how it is edited and try to edit on a photo of mine and create a Lightroom Preset and give it away afterwards.  
    • What is PictureMonk?
      • Abstract meaning - Name Monk came from the TV Show Monk...the character was OCD and needed to be perfect which is what I try to do with my photos.
    • How do you balance a full time day job and your photography job?
      • Prioritize time between work, family and hobbies
      • Make time and stick with it
    • Video - Tell me the “5 Things to do while taking a photo” - video
      • Look around - look for other options
      • Settings - what are the settings...are they correct
      • Video - What is this “When to shoot jpeg” video?
      • Never
      • When you don’t want to edit
  • Wrap Up:

    • What’s next for Jordan?

      • Advancing what I am doing.  
      • The Real Estate will grow as this is word of mouth.  
      • PictureMonk...something fun to do
    • What’s in your bag?
      • Canon 6D (Main shooter)
      • 24-105 f/4 (came with the camera)
      • 17-40 f/4 USM (Main lens)
      • 75-300 f4-5.6 (not sharp but useful)
      • Nifty 50
      • GoPro Hero Session (used for quick video)
      • Tripod - Amazonbasics Tripod
    • What’s the best place for people to follow you and contact you?



Jordan Younce


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